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Are you a customer-centric firm? Do you worry about what your consumers are worried about or what sparks joy in them? Are you concerned about your feedback not being actionable? Well, then you are at the right place. In the next 6 minutes, we will take a journey together to understand how a curriculum project transformed the digital life of a hospital. And how you can also create a unified view into your consumers’ feedback. It changed my outlook about business and healthcare analytics and I hope yours will as well.

Why create a unified customer view?

Most organizations conduct regular touchpoints (surveys etc.) of some kind at various points of a customer’s journey. We all have seen countless NPS/ CSAT questions after we use a service. Healthcare is no exception, and therefore our client has a similar sentiment tracking survey to collect patient feedback. In addition to standard numerical data around satisfaction etc, the survey also contains free-form text data. This data can oftentimes give the organization some much-needed feedback that can change their outlook about how they can improve their organization’s brand image. The unified view will help our client track a variety of sources of qualitative data to figure out what part of patient experiences they need to prioritize. It will simplify and make obvious the action item the firm now needs to take.

The unified view gets us to actionable insights.

How to create a unified customer view?

The first step for the creation of this view is understanding the strategy of the firm. From the outset, our team focused on understanding what was exactly the deliverable and how will it fit into the strategy of the organization. Our client’s key strategies are to make the HDO patient-centric, achieve excellence in education and develop effective community engagement. Our team’s analytical solution will be fulfilling two out of those three key strategies namely, providing the patient's state of the art clinical care and providing outstanding learning opportunities for students to attain the skills and passion needed for success in technology and medicine.

What must we include in a unified customer view?

As an analyst of a customer-centric business, the key here is to understand that this is not just about descriptive analysis of what we can see in the data so far. This is more about learning from what has happened in the past and using that to direct resources to change what can happen in the future. That brings us to the prescriptive analysis of the customer data.

Who will benefit from a unified customer view?

We were fortunate to have a data-centric client. Their zeal to use technology for the betterment of the community was instrumental in driving this project. The substantial rewards from using customer feedback to advance and improve services will be for both the customer and the companies that serve them.


The takeaway from this project is that to be a successful business we need to make sure we diligently analyze the feedback collected from the customer. When we keep in mind the strategy defined by the organization, while conducting the feedback analysis, it will give us even more trustworthy results.



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